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India is an agriculture based country. It is real wealth of minerals, vitamins and dietary fibers can get easily from the fresh fruits. Apart from this it is useful as negligible contain of fat.

Mainly Mango is grown in the states of Gujarat and Maharashtra in the India, where quality of soil, atmosphere, water, etc… are very much appropriate for the crop of Mangoes and other series of fruits.

As Mango considers the king of the fruits, India has become a most significant export of the product and India has been producing and exporting worldwide of number of verities.

Mango is a highly source of vitamins A & C; A date is also cultivated in the Kutch region of the Gujarat, India, where 100% organics crop of is carried out to provide the good quality of dates to the market of globally.

Fresh vegetables are a precious gift for all human being given by the nature and which is support good health as the most economical manner. Also it is scientifically recommended that sufficient consumption of fresh vegetables and fruits control the level of blood cholesterol, keeping free from obesity problem, reducing of heart disease, diabetes, cancer, etc…

Premium Products
Apart from the entire range of our fruits product, our Banana, Green Dates, Grapes, Mangoes and Watermelon are very unique and premium products to catering for our valued customers all-over the world. Due to high level of appropriate atmosphere, agriculture land, quality of water and other product related aspects only can achieve to international quality standards.

Dates Grapes Mango Banana Watermelon

The company caters the excellent quality of fruits and vegetables at most affordable price in the market to all categories. Fruits and vegetables are processed in a clean and healthy environment supported by modern an automated packing line and cold storage.

The company has been maintaining to supply the best of quality of fruits and vegetables in the market of domestic as well as internationally.

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