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Honeybees produce a natural sweetener and derived from the nectar of flowers. Natural Honey is used against various cures of human beings. It is generally used for cuisine and difference kind of beverages for sweetener. Test of honey is light in colour and mild in test.

Company has earned considerable name with supplying of pure and quality natural honey in internationally market with very short span.

Different kind of Honey is supplied by the company in customized packing, size in glass bottles and labeling.

Also its packing is carried out with food grade epoxy coated fresh MC steel barrels according to customer’s requirement. 67 Barrels are accommodated in single 20’ container.

Honey can be used as:
Baked goods, Intermediate moisture food products, Breakfast cereal based bars, Sauces, Low Sodium foods, Dairy Products, Confections, Candies, Spreads, Fillings, Butter and fat- based spreads, Chocolates, Dairy products, Beverages, Fruit juice, Yogurts, puddings, Hams cured meats, Baked goods, All-natural snaks, Nutritional food, Health foods, Candies and confections, Yogurts, puddings bakery products, Frozen dessert, Variety breads, Extruded cookies, Continous processes, Chilled dessererts, Microwaveable foods, Apple juice, Wines, Sauces, Beverages, Dried fruits, Fruit salad, Cakes and cookies, Cereals.

Honey Honey Specifications
Moisture 15-19% w.w.b.
Fructose 36-50%
Glucose 28-36%
Sucrose 0.8-5.0%
Nitrogen 0.05-0.38%
Ash 0.04-0.2%
pH 3.3-5.6
Acid 0.57% (primarily gluconic)
Free Acid 9-40m-eqiv./kg
Water Insoluble Solids <0.1%
Honey is packed in plastic drum with pack size of 500 GRMS, 1.00 KGS, 2.00 KGS, 5.00 KGS, 10.00 KGS, and 25.00 KGS
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