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Palm Rosa The Palmarosa oil is extracted from Cymbopogon Martini from the Graminesa familay. Pam Rosa essential oil is produced from frash and natural grass leaves of the plamarosa plant. As natural product from the nature, Palmarosa has no any side effects during its using.

The main chemical ingredients of Palmarosa oil are Geraniol, Citronellol, Farnesol, Citral, Citronellal, Geranyl Acetate, Dipentene and Limonene.

Containing of sweet rose aroma and pale yellow in colour with nearby watery viscosity. It can be very well mixed up with Bergamot, Rosemary, Lime, etc…


  • Palmarosa is used to producing of rose based cosmetic products industries.
  • Helps in Antiseptic, antiviral, bacterial, etc…
  • To maintain physical fleetness with fresh mind, stress related diseases.
  • For Various kind of therapy it is used like period of recovery, exhaustion, stress, relaxing.
  • It is used at manufacturer of soaps for excellent tenacity, shampoos, pain balms, flavors, tobacco, Food industries, Pharmaceuticals, perfumery, deodorants, perfumery spray, polishes, hair tonics, ointments.
  • It is used as a remedy for Lumbago, stiff joints and, in skin diseases
Botanical Name: Cymbopogon Martini
Physical Appearance: Light yellow to
yellow Odour/Flavour: Rosaceous with a characteristic grassy background
Geraniol Contnets: Min. 80%
Contnets : Min. 80% Specific Gravity : 0.870 to 0.890
Refractive Index : 1.46 to 1.47 at 30° C
Optical Rotation : +1°
Acidity/Alkalinity : Neutral to Litmus
Storage : Keep in cool place
500 GRM, 1.00 KGS, 5.00 KGS, 10.00 KGS, 50.00 KGS, 100 kg & 180.00 KGS in Aluminum containers and epoxy-lined metallic barrels.
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