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Food & Nutrition
Acetic acid Niacin
Agar-Agar Odium benzoate
Aluminium ammoniumsulphate Phosphate-5-riboflavin
Aluminium potassium sulphate Phosphoric acid
Aluminium silicate Polyphosphates
Aluminium sodiumsulphate Potassium acetate
Aluminium sulphate Potassium adipate
Ammonium carbonate Potassium aluminium silicate
Ammonium chloride Potassium benzoate
Ammonium hydroxide Potassium bisulphide
Ammonium sulphate Potassium carbonate
Ascorbic acid Potassium chloride
Benzoic acid Potassium citrate
Boric acid Potassium gluconate
Calcium acetate Potassium hydroxide
Calcium aluminium silicate Potassium metabisulfite
Calcium benzoate Potassium nitrite
Calcium bisulphide Potassium sorbate
Calcium carbonate Powdered Cellulose
Calcium chloride Propionic acid
Calcium citrate Silicon dioxide
Calcium diphosphate: Sodium acetate
Calcium formate Sodium adipate
Calcium gluconate Sodium aluminum phosphate
Calcium hydroxide Sodium aluminum silicate
Calcium malate Sodium and potassium orthophosphate
Calcium oxide Sodium and potassium tartrate
Calcium silicate Sodium ascorbate
Calcium sorbate Sodium carbonate
Calcium sulphate Sodium citrate
Calcium sulphide Sodium ferrocyanide
Calcium tartrate Sodium formate
Carboxymethyl cellulose Sodium gluconate
Cellulose Powder Sodium hydrogen sulphite
Chloridric acid Sodium hydroxide
Citric acid Sodium lactate
Cocoa Powder Sodium malate
Emulsifier Sodium metabisulfite
Ethylmethyl cellulose Sodium nitrite
Fatty acids Sodium potassium and calcium
Formic acid Sodium sulphide
Fumaric acid Sodium tartrate
Glycerinester of root resin Sodium tetraborate (borax)
Guar gum Sorbic acid
Hydroxymethyl cellulose Sorbitan monolaurate
Hydroxypropylmethyl cellulose Sorbitan monostearate
Iron-II gluconate Sorbitan tristearate
Iron-II lactate Stearyl tartrate
Lactic acid Sulphur dioxide
Lactoflavin Sulphuric acid
Magnesium carbonate Talcum
Magnesium hydroxide Tartrazin
Magnesium oxide Thiabendazol
Magnesium salt of edible fatty acids Titanium dioxide
Magnesium silicate Triphospohate
Magnesium trisilicate Turmeric
Malic acid Vitamin B1
Methyl ester Vitamin B12
Methylcellulose Vitamin B2
Modified starch Vitamin B6
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