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Particular for India and some other part of the world Puffed rice and Flake rice has become a conventional product test of the million. As there wide application like snacks foods, ingredients of various snacks, special Indian continental foods, etc…

To achieve a maximum of freshness and preservative of the products we have developed specified processed to meet the excellence quality of the products according to the market requirement.

Rice Flake is a most expediency food made from rice pressed into flacks. Puffed rice is known in India as “Puha’ where Rice Flake is known as ‘Mamra’.

Rice flakes can also be mixed with other dried grain flakes to create a tasty breakfast cereal. When combined with nuts and dried fruit, the rice flakes can also serve as a healthy snack alternative.

Including latest technology of Cleaning, Soaking, Roasting, Aspiration, Shelling, Polishing, Flaking, Sieving, Drying, Weighing Scale, etc… To meet total customer satisfaction our technical team is supervised in to the process from procurement to dispatch to improve the quality day to day. And eco friendly approach has been adopted by the company to produce the products.

Packing available: 100 GRMS, 250 GRMS, 500 GRMS, and 1000 GRMS.
Both of products are packed in virgin LDPE quality food grade which helps to keep packing appropriate for food products for long shelf life without effecting of any negative effects.


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Puffed Rice Rice Flakes